Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here I Sit Blogging....

While I have stuff that needs to get done!!! Oh well.

TJ is at Scouts, but before he left(and before I got home) he did take down the curtain rods so yay!! I was going to make myself some eggs and potatoes for dinner, but I was watching 7th Heaven and Rev Camden said he was going to have a bachelor steak and matt asked what that was and Annie said it was a bowl of cereal and I thought "hmmm, cereal sounds good" so I had a big bowl of crunch berry crunch and raisin brand while reading blogs. Then Schwann's came so I bought some cream cheese wantons and had a plate of those. I am now stuffed.

On the agenda for tonight...
1. Organize outside storage(while there is still light out because the string to the lightbulb out there is broken!!). I am considering, though, just letting the movers box up the loose stuff and then organizing it when we get it all in the new house!!

2. Finish organizing the spare room and move the stuff out of there that will go in a different room and move the army stuff off the bed!!

3. Move the photo albums and scrapbooks out of the Hobby Room and into the livingroom onto the love seat.

4. Empty the dishwasher and reload.

5. Laundry.

Geez, maybe I should get off the computer and start working!!!! LOL!! I will not have any time to go over to the new house tonight(and I wanted to take over my refrigerator magnets and stuff -- guess that will get packed up)

Thank goodness I put enough "fuel" in my body!!

Okay, I'm going....

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