Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was an Impressionable Kid

My friend, Kim, of the awesome Kronicles of Kim is posting a series on TV shows of her youth so I thought I'd share one of my own with you and it's damaging effects on my childhood!!

The show I am referring to is CHiPs, the gripping saga of motorcycle cops in Los Angeles, featuring a young Erik Estrada(back before he was doing Novellas).

For some reason I was able to stay up later to watch this show. It affected me deeply. If you have ever seeen the show you will know it involved a lot of car crashes. And those crashes usually involved cars flipping over. Somehow these images embedded themselves in my brain.

I had a Big Wheel as a child. I liked to go really fast, then ride my Big Wheel up on the grass, roll off of it and pull it on top of me. Just like the cars on CHiPs!!! I swear!! I even have 8mm evidence of this!!!

It just goes to show that you should monitor what your kids are watching.

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Kim said...

Awwww!! Thanks for the compliment!