Thursday, September 18, 2008

If You Were A Bucket......

...Where would you be???? This is what I was asking myself as I was walking through Walmart this evening. I wanted a simple bucket to put cleaning supplies in so I can carry them around the house. The first place we thought of was the hardware area. Or plumbing. Nope, not in those places. Then we tried sporting goods. I found a styrofoam bait bucket!! Not what I had in mind, but good to know for future reference. Then I looked near housewares. I finally concluded they may be with the cleaning supplies and that's where we found it!! TJ pointed out it was not a Mister Bucket and I asked him what a Mister Bucket was and he said it is a bucket with a face on it. Huh????? Okay, I told him I would draw a face on with a Sharpie!!!!!

Other stuff we picked up at Walmart -- new trash can for kitchen(ours is disgusting), cat litter, new mirror, plastic storage case for upstairs bathroom(because there is no cabinet under the sink!!), toilet paper, and stuff for lunch tomorrow for us and the movers.

We are still needing a shelving unit for the kitchen. I was thinking a plastic shelf unit, but my mom suggested getting something with doors on it so it looks better and offered to pay for it. We didn't find anything like that at Walmart. Tomorrow we will try Target and Home Depiot. Anyone know any other place we could look????

After Walmart we picked up dinner at Arby's and then headed over to the new house with the stuff we bought(well, the stuff that could stay there!!) and I put in the toilet paper!!!! The neighbors were parked on their side.

When we came home we ate and then set about working on this house. We transferred the stuff from TJ's closet to the spare room, put what we don't want moved into the closet, threw out some stuff, did laundry and loaded dishwasher. I also hung up the the signs I made for room designations. There is still a lot to do in the morning!!

Okay, it is blog reading time!! I'll be back tomorrow with some updates :)

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