Friday, September 12, 2008

It Pays to be a Spaz

I thought I'd share a memory with you.

When I was 5 my family went to Palm Springs one weekend to visit my Aunt Lou. I remember we left right after Kindergarten let out for the day(we went half a day back then). My cousin, Ervin, who was in the Navy, was on leave that weekend, so he joined us(he spent quite a few leaves with us as I think the ship would dock in either San Diego or Long Beach).

I think we got there on a Thursday. It was me, my mom and dad, my grandma(who lived with us) and my cousin, Ervin. I don't remember the sleeping arrangements that night except that I had my own bed(a twin size) in a little room.

On Friday more family came. A whole bunch from Fort Worth, Texas!! There was Uncle Eddie and Aunt Alice, Cindy(their daughter), Carol(another daughter) and Dave(Carol's husband) and Leann(their daughter).

I remember the sleeping arrangements that night. Uncle Eddie and Aunt Alice slept in Aunt Lou's bed. My mom and dad slept in the guest room with the full bed. Carol and Dave slept on the pullout couch on one half of the LARGE livingroom(it was in a U shape), Cindy slept on another couch, my grandma and Aunt Lou slept on 2 parts of the sectional couch and Ervin slept on a cushioned lounge chair on the closed in patio. That's right -- we made Ervin, who was on LEAVE from the NAVY, sleep in a LOUNGE CHAIR(with cushions).

Where was I? I was with my cousin Leann in the twin bed. But guess what? I was a total spaz in the bed, moving around too much or something like that. Leann did not like it. So where did Leann go? To the pullout couch with her parents!!!

Where did that leave me???? In MY OWN BED!!!!! Yes, in a house where 3 people were sleeping on couches, 2 couples were sharing full size beds, one couple and their child were sharing a pullout bed(full) from a couch, and a Sailor was sleeping on a LOUNGE CHAIR(with cushions), yours truly was sleeping in a twin bed BY MYSELF.

It pays to be a spaz.

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