Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kindergarten Memories

As i have began working in a kindergarten class in the morning this year I thought I would share some of my memories of kindergarten....

First, I remember EXACTLY how the room was set up!! There were "stations" all around the room that combined a learning table and an activity area. They were all color codes. We moved through the stations throughout the week. My home station was red so I was in the red group and had to wear a red clothespin :)

When you were done with the lesson in the red group, I think you got to read books. or you got to do the same as the orange station(which was an audio station and we used these HUGE old headphones!!) which was get a drawstring bag and play with whatever was inside.

The yellow activity was blocks(my 3rd favorite), blue was a playhouse(2nd favorite!!), green was sand box table, and pink was painting(my 1st favorite!!). When it was time to clean up the teacher set a timer and if we were done before the timer went off we got a marble in a jar. When the jar was full we got some kind of treat.

My teacher's name was Mrs. Marlette. My cousin, Melissa, had her the year before. She was a great teacher and she remembered me for many years!! She probably would remember me today :)

When we got in trouble in kindergarten(and subsequent grades) we got our name on the board. That was just horrible!! I remember the first time I got mine up there. It was a bit unfair. We had watched a movie about a witch making pancakes(on one of those old projectors!!) and then had to draw pictures in this booklet in our groups. One girl in my group, Rachel, drew a pictureof a witch and showed it to the others in our group one by one. Each of us screamed a little when we saw it. I was about the 3rd person and the teacher saw me so she said she assumed I was doing all the screaming so I got my name on the board!!! I was qite upset. Looking back now know she knew I wasn't the only one, but I made the choice to follow the others and happened to be the one she saw!!

I got my name on the board another time( I can't recall what for) on a day when our parents were coming for something that night!! I told my parents at dinner that night that there was a new girl in class and her name was Robyn, too, and she got her name on the board!! They saw right through that lie, of course, LOL. When we got to the classroom the names had been erased :). the teacher told us that the CUSTODIAN erased the board. She had told us about that before and I thought the CUSTODIAN was some kind of wizard!!

We had a Christmas musical performance and not only sang Christmas songs, but also one about Hannukah!! We were quite progressive, apparently.

One day we were out playing at recess and they came out and got me to go into the classroom. We were making our address numbers out of clay and it was my turn. I cried when they made me put my hands in the wet slimy clay. I didn't like it. I did like rolling the clay and stacking it to make a little cup, though(it was damp, not wet, the. They cut the address numbers for us and then we got to paint them!!! I loved that and still have them.

My last memory is of one Wednesday morning in November. The year was 1980. The teacher told us as we sat on the carpet that morning that we had a new President and did we know who it was? One kid said Jimmy Carter. Nope, he was the president, but not anymore. It was now Ronald Reagan.

Interestingly, this year is another presidential election year and I wonder if on a Wednesday morning this November the teacher will ask if the students know who the new president is????

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suzanne said...

how cool that your class was set up as stations. it sounds like it was fun.