Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 90210

Last night I finally cleaned off the craft table in my Hobby Room so I could work on some cards(I will post later or tomorrow as I need to photograph them). I did that until like after 11pm and discovered that my husband had fallen alseep on he couch in front of the TV!! I didn't have the heart to wake him so I went into the bedroom to watch TV. I found a Beverly Hills 90210 marathon!!! The old BH 90210. The 1st 3 seasons when all the good people were on and Brenda was with Dylan(well, until he started dating Kelly), Donna was with David, and Brandon was with ... everbody. I kept telling myself I would go to bed after the episode i was watching ended, but then another would start and I'd remember something from it I liked and keep watching. I did this until 5am(TJ stayed on the couch as he was OUT). Then I slept all morning and watched about 30 minutes of another one while getting ready for the day.

Took about a 2 hour break to go to lunch and grocery shopping. Then it was back to those kids and their problems at West Beverly High. I also flipped over occasionally to the Tori and Dean marathon on Oxygen(I sure do love Tori Spelling!!). I finally had to take a break about 6pm and have not gone back!!

I have really enjoyed watching those old episodes. It reminds me of my high school days. Somewhat. Not that my experience was that glamorous or drama filled. But BH 90210 started when I was a sophomore in high school and the characters were all sophomores so it was kinda special to me. I couldn't believe the clothes we used to think were in fashion though!!! Baby doll dresses with leggings??? What were we thinking?? LOL

Some of the great episodes I watched were the very first one, the BEGINNING of Brenda and Dylan, the Spring Dance, a slumber party, Senior Prom, and Donna Martin Graduates. I love all those old episodes!!

Getting back to the present, though... I am thinking about staring a new blog(in addition to this one and Scout's) about the rides TJ and I will be going on with the Harley(once we actually start!!). I was thinking about calling it Robyn Rides, or Ride with Robyn (and TJ). Or should I just make it a category on here??

Happy Labor Day!!!!

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