Monday, September 15, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the House...........

The pink flamingos worked!!! We went back tonight and the neighbors were parked in their own driveway :)

Our spacious livingroom.....

Our ridiculously big diningroom that I have only a dining set and shelf to put in....

Your eyes are not deceiving you(nor is the graniness from my camera). that bathroom is PINK!!! The tile is anyway. I am going to call it my Pink Potty Palace.

The tiny storm shelter/closet(it's gonna be cozy!!)

The OPEN kitchen (no more galley style!!!) with light colored cabinets(thank you, God).

Unfortunately it has a gas stove.

Our blue bathroom(which goes with my beach decor)

but, my isn't it tiny?????

The spare room(also TJ's army/music/scouting room)

The craft room(in which there is no phone jack for the internet so we have to find a line long enough to stretch from our bedroom to this one for the computer to be in the craft room!!

Our bedroom

Which is going to be the biggest adjustment of all as it is smaller than what we have now. But I will have a nice view of the water tower at night :)

Our vehicles look right at home....

So, did you notice all the hardwood flooring??????????????????????????? There is NO carpet in the place. I am happy. We might get a large area rug for the living room, though.

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suzanne said...

you're house looks very nice. i'm sure it will be lovely with all the furniture in.