Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Lengths I Will Go To for Scrapbooking and Getting Awesome Pictures

Yesterday I went to Topeka for a 12 hour scrapbook crop.

Yes, 12 hours. From 10 to 10. I actually only made it to about 8:30, when I just couldn't do anymore!! I did win 2 things -- a recipe box kit as an early registration prize and a roll of red snowflake ribbon as a general prize. I completed several pages, too.

The crop itself was awesome. It was held in the Sunflower Ballroom(yes, ballroom)at the Manor Conference Center which is part of the ExpoCentre. It is basically a convention center. Anyway, there were rows and rows of long tables and you got a lot of space to create. Some people even brought additional little tables to set up next to them to hold even more and their storage systems were AMAZING. I thought I had a lot with my big suitcase, supplies caddy, Koolaid bag and flat box, but Sheesh!!!!

Of course I didn't take any pictures!! Ooops!

TJ rode his bike out to Topeka to join me for dinner(and to go to the HARLEY SHOP--I THINK THAT WAS THE REAL DRAW!!). We ate at the hotel restaurant.

When I left the crop I drove to downtown to take pictures of the capitol at night. I am not sure how safe it was for me to be on the streets down there, but I got these awesome shots!! Sorry if they are blurry, but I had trouble holding the camra steady and it has to be on the night setting.

The dome

The whole building

Better shot of the top

Then there was this neat thing...

Not sure what it actually is other than the obvious!!!


I just love Topeka!!

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suzanne pena said...

sounds like you had a fun and productive day! your pictures might be blurry but they are still neat looking.