Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life in Boxes

They came on Friday and packed us all up. It took them 8 hours!!! When I moved from the trailer it did not take that long. I do not have that much more stuff now!! Of course, there was only 2 of them(guys) this time until the end. They kept talking to someone on the phone asking her when she was going to come do the kitchen (apparently the guys had not done kitchens before). Finally, when all else was packed the one guy started on the itchen and the girl finally showed up and finished it off. They were all very nice. They also appreciated the sandwiches , chips, and candy we had for them :)

Apparently, though, they did not like the packing I did because they moved all of my stuff out of the boxes I did and put it in theirs!!! Also, they took stuff out of boxes that have been in boxes in storage!!! LOL!! That left us plenty of boxes to move the rest of our non moveable stuff(like liquids and candles and batteries) without having to use any of theirs!!

I notice I am using a lot of exclamation points!!!!

After they were done, TJ and I went into Manhattan to go to Home Depot and Target. We looked at area rugs and found some possibilities, but need to see how much room there will be in the livingroom. We saw this one interesting rug that was made to look like a pebbled floor. Their were tufts of raised carpet!! It was the funniest thing!! I would totally get that if I had a closed in porch or patio(like my Aunt Lou had where we made my cousin Ervin, the sailor on leave, sleep on a lounge chair).

At Target we finally found something to use as a pantry in the kitchen. It is actually a shelving thing for garden tools, but I think it will work as it has doors!! It may look a little weird, but oh well. It should do the job. I also found a cute pink wastebasket for the pink bathroom!!!

The big move is tomorrow. I am spending the rest of today packing up the non packables and taking them over to the new house. Going to organize the bathrooms there, too.

I'll leave you with this picture example of what I do while I am at work...

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