Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little by little......

I am getting more things ready for this move and relieving a bit of stress!!

A guy from the moving company came out today to do our moving survey(to see how much we have). We should get a call tomorrow to actually schedule the move last week. I had him put down that we cannot do it on the 20th as I already have paid plans that day(scrapbook crop--nonrefundable). I found out that although it is okay if we pack some stuff ourselves, they have to go through it to make sure they can move it safely. Some of the boxes I packed are sealed so I am just going to go ahead and take that stuff myself(it was small boxes). Last night I got all the shotglasses and decorative glasses and Knott's Berry Farm stuff and Zebra collection packed.

A friend from work gave me 2 more boxes and I found some more in our outside storage. However, I didn't pack boxes tonight. I went through our bedroom and cleaned it up and moved things that didn't belong in there to the right rooms and organized the stuff that needs to be packed. Then I went in the spareroom and went through the cedar chest. I store a hodgepodge of stuff in there so I took it all out and organized it and then put afghans and blankets and the like in the cedar chest(lighter stuff).

I asked TJ to go through a box of BDUs and such in his closet that is overflowing and he blew it off, sort of. The way I phrased it was to go through the box and if there was anything he didn't want to set it aside. well, an hour or so later he is still watching TV while I have done all the above mentioned stuff. he says there is nothing he doesn;t want!! I calmly tried to explain that then I needed him to go through the box and either repack it so everything fits or lay everything out so we can work out something else(another box of whatever). I further went on to explain not too calmly, but not ranting either -- just stressed voice -- that I am doing most of the stuff for this move and there is a lot of stuff I want done a certain way so I do it, but when I ask him to do something for me it helps me a lot because it is one less thing I have to do. I explained that I am very stressed and I do need his help for certain things. I think he got the message and hopefully he will work on that box tomorrow!! If not, I guess I will do it!! LOL

So, what is left before movers come is....
1. Clean and organize livingroom and dining area(Friday)
2. " " " hobby room (Saturday)
3. Put everything in the correct rooms or areas so it will be with the same stuff when it comes time to move it to the new house.

4. Finish laundry(Sunday and any subsequent days)
5. Run dishwasher(when full, then reload and night before movers come)
6. Pack up underwear to move myself LOL!!(day that movers come)
7. Buy provisions for the movers(night before they come)
8. Make "signs" to designate which rooms are which at both homes

After we get our keys...
1. Move sealed boxed stuff to house.
2. Possibly move freezer items

After the movers come:
1. Pack up bathroom(we need boxes from them).
2. Move refrigerator items and provisions
3. Put toilet paper in the new bathrooms!!

After our stuff is moved
2. Clean apartment
3. Move cleaning stuff.

I think I am going to put Scout in the kennel for the day that the movers come to pack and then the next day until they are done moving everything in!!

Anything I missed? Any more tips???


Jennifer P. said...

Oh I am feeling tired just reading your list. Moving--uck, uck, double uck! I like that everything gets purged and cleaned, but all the rest of it stinks!

SO my only advice to you would be to sleep through as much of it as possible :)

Robyn :) said...

LOL!!! It looks like it is slowing down a bit as I have a whole week now before they pack and move us!!