Monday, September 22, 2008

Living Amongst Boxes

I am writing this from the new house!! Our stuff is all here, but most of it is packed away. They finished about 5:30pm!! We got the essentials going, though -- bed, TV, computer!!! LOL!!! I can't even get to my kitchen sink, but I have the computer and TV hooked up!! Oh, and the shower curtain up and a towel dug out of a box so I can take a much needed bath!!!

We only had 2 moving guys, but they were awesome!! We had plenty of cold stuff for them to drink and fed them BK for lunch :) They also let TJ help them, which he loved. One of the guys said he remembered moving me last time!!

Scout freaked out a bit. When we left him alone in the empty old house he hid in a laundry cabinet!! He is hiding here now under an endtable that is sitting on the recliner!

I need to take another day off of work. There is way too much stuff to leave waiting!!

I will post pictures in the next couple of days. Right now I am off to take a bath!!

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