Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Secret Life of Parents

This kinda goes with the last post...

My cousin Ervin, (the Sailor we made sleep on a lounge chair in Palm Springs)got remarried in Las Vegas several years ago. at the time I was still living in California and LOVED Las Vegas and my cousin and his daughters and my aunt so I went. I will spare you all the details of that weekend, but this is what i wanted to share, which really doesn't have much to do with the wedding anyway.....

After my cousin's wedding and dinner reception, the adults met in one of the lounges for drinks and dancing. This was before I was Mormon. My cousin was buying the drinks that night. I think I ordered a White Russian. My cousin asked if that's what my mom usually drank. I told him my mom hardly ever drank and if she did it was like a wine cooler or a glass of wine on holidays.

My cousin then told me that she and my dad used to take him out to bars when he was on leave(remember how I told you he spent several leaves from the Navy with us?). He says mostly it was my dad who took him out(I remember that once my dad took him to Disneyland, too, without me!!!), but he remembered one time in Palm Springs they both took him out!!! Must have been the same trip because that was the only time he came to Palm Springs with us. Guess that kind of made up for him having to sleep on a lounge chair(with cushions.

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