Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things I will love about my new craft room......

1. It will also have my computer which means that not only will my card and scrapbook ideas saved on it will be there for easy access to view as I work on a project, I can also play music from my playlists while I work!!

2. It is a whole room to stash craft stuff in and I can close the door so no one(that means you, Scout!!) can go in and mess things up or sit on all my stuff.

3. My cedar chest will be in there in which I stash picture CD's and other memory stuff so it is all together. Plus I can spread out the albums I am working on on top and can put the TV stand that currently holds that position under my craft table for easy access to the paper, scraps, stickers and idea books I stash there!!

4. My Carebear collection will be in there.

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