Sunday, September 14, 2008

Third of a Century Old

I am 1/3 of a century old today(almost). I am 33. I like this number as it is a double digit and a composite number. I hated 31.

Okay, so, this has not been the best birthday. In fact, I think it has been the worst. I woke up feeling a little crappy and TJ did not wish me a happy birthday all morning(in fact, he still hasn't) and I got upset at church because I felt he had neglected me(he didn't, really), but was being super friendly to everyone else(which normally is fine, but he hadn;t even told me Happy Birthday!!). I spent some time crying in the bathroom, then sitting outside and talking to someone who had also come out. Then when I went back in I found that my seat had been taken by one of my husband's scouts and I was upset about that(because I felt neglected and then it seemed like my husband hadn't been all that concerned that I had disappeared for like 20 minutes) so I took my stuff(after giving my husband a look) and went back outside. Tj followed shortly deciding that it was wise to take me home.

Well, then when i got home I was depressed and had a bad headache so I took half a Vicodin and that wiped out the headache and made me feel a bit less sad. I watched a couple movies and napped a bit.

Then the missionaries came for dinner and cake and that made me feel better(oh, and the birthday wishes I got on Myspace and my best friend calling). Here are some pictures....

The small smooshy cake

Torching, I mean lighting the candles

Blowing out the 3 candles

Everyone should have a birthday hot dog

(Thank you Sister Hyrns!!)

Now I am playing on the computer. Tomorrow we get the keys to our new house :)

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