Friday, September 12, 2008

We have dates!!!

Our packing date is Friday the 19th and our move date is Monday the 22nd. The plan is to have them leave a TV out and a mattress and we'll set aside some clothes and other stuff to entertain ourselves for the weekend :) We both have plans to be out all day on Saturday(separate places) so we just need top occupy ourselves Friday night and Sunday after church :)

CLOSET UPDATE: When I came home today TJ asked me to look at his closet. In addition to going through the box I asked him to he also organized and condensed everything else in it!! We will move that stuff out before next Friday and use that as our "move it ourselves" storage space and for Scout to hang out in when the movers are here(instead of sending him to a kennel).

The new schedule is this....

So, what is left before movers come is....
1. Clean and organize livingroom and dining area
2. " " " hobby room
3. Put everything in the correct rooms or areas so it will be with the same stuff when it comes time to move it to the new house.

4. Finish laundry
5. Run dishwasher
6. Pack up underwear to move myself LOL!!(day that movers come)
7. Buy provisions for the movers(nights before they come)
8. Make "signs" to designate which rooms are which at both homes
9. Take down the curtain rods and toel rod in bathroom(TJ's job!!)

After we get our keys...
1. Move sealed boxed stuff to house.
2. Possibly move freezer items

After the movers come:
1. Pack up bathroom(we need boxes from them).
2. Move refrigerator items and provisions
3. Put toilet paper in the new bathrooms!!

After our stuff is moved
2. Clean apartment
3. Move cleaning stuff.

Anything I missed? Any more tips???

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