Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We have a visual!!

We got our housing assignment today!! Technically it is ready for move in TOMORROW, but the moving company is not available until next week!!! So, we will be moving sometime next week :) We get the keys on Monday and do a walk through, so I will take some pictures inside, then.

It is a tri-level. I was kinda hoping for the on level, but the advantage with this is we actually get a diningroom and laundry room(not just space in the kitchen!!) and there is a storm shelter under the stairs which actually makes it underground!!!

Here is the outside....

Front view

In addition to the bike you can see in the driveway there was a car. Apparently the neighbors are using the driveway LOL!! That will stop next week :) :) :) The window is the living room. The door is in a little alcove. Half of the driveway is covered. There is also a little storage shed there and Mandy suggested we build a ramp and store TJ's bike in there -- if there is enough storage eklsewhere we may do that.

Back of house....

Upstairs are the bedrooms. The bottom left corner is the diningroom and next to that is the kitchen. Where the back door is is the laundry area. The door next to the back door is where the water heater is. there is a big storage area inside.

We have a nice view. We can see the main cross street and a bit of the valley(and a water tower!!). We will also be able to see the sunsets. There is a lot of space behind us and a playground that is not too close, but not too far(for visiting kiddos!!).

I do have a concern about that tree and will be asking that it be trimmed back!!

The movers should call tomorrow so I should have a better idea of a timeline. So far I am planning on packing what I can before Monday (and setting aside which crafts I need for my crop!!)and taking 3 hours off on Monday to get keys and do the walkthrough. When I get the moving agenda I will plan my time off accordingly.

I am feeling a little less stressed now thatii have some more info, but it will be a very busy week!!

Update -- I am mostly done packing up the craft suff!!

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Sharon said...

so exciting!! what street are you going to be on? view of the water tower means Ashby? or Longstreet? possibly hampton? lol