Thursday, September 11, 2008

Word correction and a gray day

This morning on the rado I heard a news snippet about Obama and McCain appearing together in New York to lay a wreath at Ground Zero as today is the 7th anniversary of when the Twin Towers "collapsed".

I disagree with this terminology. "Collapsed" suggests that there was something structurally wrong with the buildings and they just fell down. Of course we know this was not the case.

The towers were ATTACKED. They were DESTROYED. As a result of the attack, they collapsed.


Today is a very gray day in Kansas. It is symbolic for me as it was a very gray day in Califonia(where I lived) on 9-11-01. Naturally, when I heard all the news reports I was imagining New York the same way. It was quite a shock to finally see a TV and to see that bright blue sky. I think for me it made it all the more eerie and unsettling.

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