Thursday, September 4, 2008

You want me to eat all that????

Okay, there are 10 days until the most wonderful day of the year -- my birthday!!! LOL. So, I thought I would share a birthday memory with you. I may do this for the next 10 days.

I can remember my second birthday(really!!). We still lived in an apartment. The only thing I remember was the cake. I remember siting in my booster seat at the table(not my usual place, though. And they set a cake in front of me and gave me one of my little pale yellow bear spoons(or fork??? I think it was an icecream cake so they gave me a spoon, though). I think what they wanted me to do was take the first bite, BUT I thought they wanted me to eat the whole cake!!! It was a 1/2 sheeter, too. Do you know how big those suckers are??? I thought my family was crazy and I wouldn't do it.

There are home movies of me getting down from the table after refusing to eat that cake!!

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