Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homecoming -- small town style!!

I am finally going to blog about last weekend!!! Aren't you excited????? No? Well, I will put some pictures in anyway to make it more interesting. How's that?

On Friday after school, we took the afterschool program out to 6th street to watch the Homecoming Parade

and get some candy.

You just can't have a parade in Junction City without throwing out some candy!!

Or popsicles.

Or pumpkins.

That evening was the homecoming game.

It was the first high school football game I had attended in 15 years, the last one being my high school's homecoming game my Senior Year. And I had sat on the opposing team's side(I'll explain in another post).

There is a huge difference between small town high school football and suburban high school football, especially at homecoming games. Small town high school football is a BIG DEAL!!! Practically the whole town comes(at least it felt that way). Everyone is super excited and super supportive.

So, here are some highlights of the evening in pictures...

The band..

They are exceptionally good for a high school marching band. And don't you just love the blue balloon framing the picture? Total serendipity!!

JROTC with a giant flag for the National Anthem....

It is on a slant so there are guys lying on their stomachs holding the bottom

Players running though an inflatable tunnel...

No home made paper signs these guys!!

Frank revving up the crowd....

Have you ever seen the movie, Radio? Frank is our very own Radio. How awesome is that?

Balloons in the sky...

I just like how they looked.

Crowning the homecoming queen...

She is the daughter of one of our 3rd grade teachers at the school I work at.

End of the game sportsman train...

I made that up. I don't know what it is called, but I love that they do it!!

The team singing the fight song...

Just awesome.

Team prayer....

We do that here in the Midwest.

Now, let's talk about the game. One word ... EXCITING!!!! The team we played was 4 and 0 like us. We scored 2 touchdowns. Then they scored 2, tying us, and went for that play where they throw the ball in the end zone for 2 points and were ahead. We pulled out another touchdown towards the end and beat them!! Also, a couple times, we intercepted the ball when they were thisclose to making a touch down. The first time we did that, we made a touchdown on the very next play(which meant our guy ran almost the whole length of the field for that one!!).

It was such a fun game!! We at with one of the teachers from my school ad her and her family were soooooo much fun. We can't wait to do it again.

As of right now the Blue Jays are 6 and 0(we won this weekend, too).

Next up, we will be taking a trip to the land of OZ. Get your ruby slippers ready... I've got mine!!

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