Thursday, October 9, 2008

I hate colds

I hate having colds. I have another one. I thought I was beating it, but it seems to be getting worse :( I think I will have to resort to nasal spray tonight(I try to put that off until I just can't breathe!! You can only take it for 3 days). I guess I should start taking Airborne as soon as I feel one coming on. It is one of the hazards of woking in a school -- lots of germs. The only place worse for germs is a doctor's office.

I have been wanting to post blog about last weekend, but I have just been too tired so it will have to wait.

However, I will update you on a little of what is going on in my life. Besides the cold. Starting Tuesday my schedule at work is changing so that not only will I be working in kindergarten at the beginning of my day, I will also be working there at the end!! So I will start and end my school day with kindergarten. I am very excited, though I will miss the reading class I was in.

And really, that is the only exciting news I have!! The house is still a mess, but the livingroom is complete except for the pictures that need to be hung on he wall. If only I could find my hammer.....

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