Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Tomorrow

I promise that tomorrow I will post pictures of the livingroom and maybe the kitchen(I do have them up on Myspace under New if you want to take a look in advance).

I am doing better today. I went to work and had some pain, but outside of kindergarten I mostly stood or leaned over, rather than squatting down. In Kindergarten I sat on the floor maybe twice with my legs stretched out. The other times I sat in a small chair with my legs straight. I also found an easier way to stand up. If I spread my legs farther apart it hurts less to get up(maybe my thighs are taking some of the weight off my knees?).

One of my kinders was especially glad to see me back and just kept smiling and saying "you back!" That felt good.

Thank you Jennifer and Suzanne for your comments on the last post :)

This evening we went to the Chinese buffet and Walmart. We got the rest of our Halloween stuff and candy!!

Now I am just going to read blogs and go to bed. Maybe watch a little SVU(if it's on).

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