Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pink Potty Place

This is what happens when you hire the Pink Panther as your decorator. Or he explodes.

This is my guest bathroom(on the bottom floor). It has pink tile. My philosophy is that if you are going to have a bathroom with pink tile, you might as well just embrace the pink and go all out with it!!. Luckily pink is also my favorite color(just not a first choice for a bathroom).


I know it is dark, but can you see the cute pink wastebasket in the corner?? Found that gem at Target!!


I used an afghan shawl my cousin, fran, made for me when I was a kid as a window treatment, until I can find some pink curtains.

Towel rack...

With my favorite handtowel. It belonged to my Granny and is probably older than me. And get a load of that tile!!

The sink....

I added some lovely pink accents. And my toilet, which needs a fuzzy pink cover and something on the tank.

Above the sink and toilet...

Beautiful light wood and more pink accents. Love the cabinet, too.

Above the toilet...

I absolutely love this picture and would prefer to have it in my bedroom, but it has that lovely pink in it and that wall needed something!!

View from the toilet...

I think it is soothing, don't you? It keeps falling, though.

Above the sink.....

As you can see, I decided to go with a landscape theme with the artwork on the walls. I thought it worked with the pink.

Close-up of the tile..

It really is pink!!

So, that is the guest bathroom. I still need to clean up the master bathroom to get some pictures.

I will have more pictures of other rooms this week and some Halloween stuff. Stay tuned.

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