Monday, October 27, 2008

Right On Schedule

I went back to a schedule today and am sticking to it pretty well :) I am also trying to eat better so I can lose some weight. I am currently at 185 (yikes!!). My goal is 150. 35 pounds.

I'm also starting to exercise again. I am doing some tae bo for my upper body(since my knees are shot). I just did 10 minutes tonight. Gonna stick with that this week, then increase to 15, then the full 30. I am also going to see about swimming at the indoor pool and maybe walking if it warms up any!!

I need to redo my schedule, too, to add Family Home Evening, swimming and walking.

I am putting together a cute little journal to record what I eat, daily exercise and water intake.

Any other tips or ideas?


Kim said...

I think you're doing fine. Show us the journal though.

Jennifer P. said...

Way to put it out there! Once you write it down on the blog--you're accountable to all of us :)!

Robyn :) said...

Well, I can't show you the journal until it is finished :)