Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still no Livingroom Blog or Pictures,but........

I finished 2 more rooms today!!! The craft room and spareroom!!! Yay!!! I took pictures in both before they get messed up, but am waiting to upload them until I finish the diningrom and bedroom(hopefully in the next 2 days) so they can all go in the same folder.

I also had an unexpected FRG meeting ths evening. My husband mentioned it after he got home. I had gotten a email, but all the dtails were in an attachment I could not open. Including the day and time. It was really nice and this one specialst's husband made us dinner(Guamanian food)!! The people are really nice. There are actually women in this company!! and quite a few wives that don;t have kids. Unfortunatley, this assignment is only temporary and TJ will have to go back to 2 3/4Armor, but I know a lot of great people over there, too :)

Oh, I also had the day off today and got to sleep in until 10am!!! Tomorrow I will get up earlier to go have blood work done and get a much needed flu shot. Then i will hopefully get the diningroom done!! Tomorrow night is a football gme!! Busy day!!

Oh, I also put more Halloween decorations up outside AND hung stuff in the upstairs hallway. I need more days off!!

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