Saturday, October 18, 2008

There's more to come, I promise!!

Sorry, I have been lax again with my blogging. It was a busy week, I guess. Plus, I spend most evenings icing my knees. I strained them LAST Thursday(not 2 days ago -- the Thursday the week before)and they are not getting better. I have a doctor's appt on Tuesday for something else and will ask that they check my knees, too. I am getting worried.

I also finished the livingroom this week and took pictures so I will show you those. After I show you my carnival pictures from 2 weeks ago. The kitchen is also done, except for cleaning the floor andthe guest bathroom, but I still have to take their pictures. Planned on finishing my craft room today, bu instead I am going to spend the aftenoon icing my knees(after the Bengay wears off -- it feels really good right now) and reading. It's nice to have a Saturday off!! I also got to sleep in until noon!!

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