Saturday, October 18, 2008

You know you should turn the TV off when ....

...your night turns into an emtional roller coaster. Because of the TV!!!

On Thursday I turned the TV on at 9:30 pm to watch some stuff. I started with SNL Weekend Update Thursday. That was funny and put me in a good mood.

Then came ER. It was Abby's last eisode. Abby is(or was)my favorite character on ER. Of all time, too. I knew she was leaving, but the episode made me sad anyway and I cried at the end.

At some point I also started flipping over to the Ray/Red Sox game. The Rays were ahead 7-0. Then,in the 7th inning, the Sox got like 4 runs. Then in like the 8th they tied the game up!!. What the???? The Rays were WINNING!!! They were ahead by 7!!!! What happened???? They got sloppy, that's what happened. So now I was angry and anxious. They were leading the series 3-2. They were thisclose to winning the pennant!! For the first time ever!! Of course, Boston ended up winning the game in the 9th. Oh well. that sent everyone back to Florida for gme 6. It's better to win the pennant at home.

But I went to bed sad from ER and disappointed from the game, and a little angry at the turnaround.

They better win tonight. I have forgotten to take my Celexa and I just can't stand the tension!!!

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Sharon said...

ER made me ball too!