Monday, November 3, 2008

80's Flashback and the clothing item I Coveted

This is my 3rd post of the evening and the last!!

So, I walk into the 2nd grade class today and there is a kid in there with a FLOURESCENT YELLOW T-shirt on!!!! Boy, did that bring back memories.....

Not of 2nd grade, but of 4th. 1984-1985, when flourescent colors made their debut. I remember kids wearing various flourescent clothing, mostly socks, in pinks, yellows, greens, even oranges!! I remember a girl in my CCD(Catholic Catechism something) class had a flourescent yellow hair ribbon we all wanted.

But most of all, I remember Lacy E's(and I'm gonna post this on myspace so she can read it!!)FLOURESCENT....... PINK....... SWEATSHIRT. Man, I wanted one like that!! It was so BRIGHT!!! So PINK!!! I looked everywhere for one(everwhere being every store in the Whitwood Mall). I think I asked her where she got it and I guess she didn't know. I am thinking maybe her parents bought it for her as a gift.

In later years I would get some flourescent clothes like pink and yellow shorts(2 separate pairs, not those colors in one pair!!), but they could never compare to that pink sweatshirt. I still want one.

Maybe I should go look on Ebay..

and Lacy, if you are reading this, do you still have that sweatshirt? Or even know what I am talking about?


Okay, didn't find the sweatshirt but I found something else on Ebay. Totally related and totally not.

Another thing I remember about Lacy in 4th grade is her cabbage patch kid and how she brought it to school in her plastic basket bag(anyone know what I am talking about?). Okay, so in honor of that and election day tomorrow I give you these....

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