Monday, November 24, 2008

"C" Services Suck!!!

Okay, I need to vent a little here.

So, if you have been reading my prevuious posts you know that my cable was shut off because we were late with the payment. However, we did not receive any notices, although Allegiance says they did send one and tried to call(I have yet to see the notice and there were no messages on my phone. They even gave my number as the one they called.) We paid the bill on friday and they said they could not turn it back on until today, which my husband said was okay(I would have argued more). Well, they did not turn it back on today and it was too late that we realized this. They are closed now. My husband says he will handle it tomorrow, but I am going to call them to give them a little piece of my mind and tell them that now instead of us owing them money for services they owe us for the days we are paying for and do not have the cable! If it is not turned on tomorrow I am going to the office on Wednesday(I have the day off) and will not leave until they send someone back with me to turn it on!!

Okay, so that pissed me off then my husband and I went to the Commissary. Oh boy. It was unusually busy for a Monday night, but I can deal with busy. What I can't deal with is 2 little boys screaming just because they felt like it and their dad not doing anyhting about it!!!! Oh, he told them to stop like twice and then just ignored them. Great. Now, I can understand if they were having a tantrum and he wanted to teach them they couldn't get their way by acting like that, but just screaming for fun? No. Lay down the law or take them out. okay, that was not service related, but what happened at the checkout was.

So we are standing in a loooong line. I can't go to the express lane because I am over by like 3 things and the self checkouts are closed. We finally get to the front, the thing lights up that says next in line please and directs us to #10. well, just as we get there some people from the express lane(which had also gotten long) go into our lane. Oh, I was MAD!!! They could tell. Problem was. It wasn't there fault. The cashier had waved them over. AFTER she had pushed the button for us to come down next. Unfortunately I found this out after we left the store from another shopper who saw it happen(I thought the people had just cutted on over and the cashier let them). If I had known what happened when there I would have asked for a manager.

So, what have I learned from all this? Pay attention more, stand your ground, fight for what is right and maybe shop at Walmart and get a satellite dish!!!

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