Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cali Trip 2007 -- Chili and The Donut Hole

Sunday was a day of rest for us on our California trip. We slept in and missed church, unfortunately. In the afternoon we had company.

I convinced my mom to make her awesome chili for TJ. That is my most favorite meal she makes. My cousin, Laura, was not able to make it to the party the night before, and I wanted to see her and for her to meet TJ so we invited her and her mom over to join us and we invited my friend, Kim. While waiting for the chili to cook, TJ, Kim, Laura, and I went on a little adventure. Under Kim's guidance, we took a drive to Hacienda Heights and a little place called The Donut Hole...

It is a donut shop....

But no ordinary donut shop because......


Just look how excited Kim is!!

Her dad is the one who took her here originally when she was a kid and then just recently and I knew when she told me about it I just had to see it and experience it for myself!!

Here I am ordering our donuts inside the drive through donut shop.

They were some dang yummy donuts, too!!

After, we headed back home for some yummy chili. I got Laura to tell her hilarious story of a conversation she had with an uncle. Here it is...

I really hope that worked and you can see it. It may be a little low and hard to understand, though. And the sound is not in sync with her talking. Earphones help with hearing it.

Tomorrow we go to Hollywood!!

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Kim said...

"WOW! DONUTS!" I excitedly say through my actions. "I ALWAYS WANTED A QUADRUPLE CHIN!!!"