Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cali Trip 2007 --- An Easy Day

Tuesday of our trip was by far our easiest and most relaxing day(aside from Sunday). We had been invited to my friend, Crystal's house. As you may recall, she made TJ that awesome cake for his party.

We drove out to their house in Riverside and visited a couple hours. That was nice. After we planned on going to Castle Park for some miniature golf, video games and maybe a couple of rides, but they were closed. So we just headed back to Orange County.

I took TJ to Hobby City and we just walked around.

Then we went to the Buena Park Mall. I hadn't been there since they redid it and it looked really awesome. They even have an outside part now!! This mall was once on the brink of closing down, but it really has been brought back to life. I enjoyed seeing it again.

After that we headed home. That evening we went to the new Mexican restaurant in the strip mall near my mom's house. Kim had recommended it. It was good. They had a salsa bar!!. They made a decent enchilada(you know how picky I am about those!!) and we even ordered enchilada fries for an appetizer!! The service was really good, too. The owner was even serving and very friendly.

Now, I am not sure if it was this evening or on the Sunday, but sometime we went out to Rite Aid for some Thrifty Choc Malt Crunch Ice Cream. May favorite!! We also went on an Alpha Bits hunt but came up empty.

The next couple blogs from our trip will be of Knott's Berry Farm :) and there will be pictures again.

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Kim said...

Even El Ranchito has a salsa bar now.