Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cali Trip 2007 -- Family Party for My Husband

After our Griffith Park and East LA adventures, TJ and I rested up a bit(and got our pictures developed) and then it was time to go set up for his party.

TJ had not met my California family(and friends) and we felt that a party was the perfect way for him to do that. We also wanted to honor him for being a soldier and his tour in Iraq. We had a Let's welcome Home a Hero party.

Since half of my mom's house is in boxes, we decided to find a hall to have the party. After checking out a community building at a park that was not available, my mom found the old train depot in Uptown Whittier on the recommendation of a lady at the community building.

We were excited to be able to rent this place because it is historic and just downright cool!!.

We decorated in a patriotic/army theme.

We had a couple tables set up to display albums of TJ's time in Iraq and our life together and what we had been doing since coming to California.

TJ stood by the table of his albums most of the night showing off the pictures and talking about his time in Iraq. I have some young cousins who just loved that!!

We decorated each table differently.

The flags and bears were favors for our family and friends to take home

My friend, Crystal, whom I met in 5th grade and reconnected with through MySpace agreed to make a cake for us. I gave her free reign and this is what she came up with...

It was awesome!!! Yummy, too.

It was so nice to see my family and friends again and for TJ to meet them. We took photos with everyone, but in the interest of privacy(and I don't have them on my computer)I will not be posting them. One special one, though. One of my young cousins, a 10 year old boy, asked if he could take a picture with TJ because he was a soldier. That was very special.

Next up I will show you our awesome donut adventure. I think it will be a 2 blog day :)

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