Friday, November 21, 2008

Cali Trip 2007 -- Hollywood, Graumans and Build-a-Bear

Sorry it has been awhile!!! In my last cali trip post I showed you a bit of Hollywood. Today I will show you more.

After our tour of the Boulevard and the museums we went back to where we started -- Graumans Chinese Theatre.

This is where you buy tickets for bus tours, but they were too expensive. We had fun with the cement hand and foot prints, though.

TJ wanted a picture of the Harry Potter cast.

After Graumans we went into the mall next to it. These steps were awesome!!

Inside we also spotted Build-A-Bear workshop. TJ had never seen one and became intrigued. I always wanted to make one. So we decided this would be a good souvenir. TJ chose a monkey. Here I am with him unstuffed....

Next the lady at the shop stuffed him(while I stepped on the peddle to make the machine go)....

She was awesome, by the way!! So friendly. I didn't stuff him too much becaus I wanted him to be huggable.

After stuffing him you get a little heart and make a wish and kiss it and put it in. Then you give him a "bath"...

It is air that comes out to fluff the fur and you can brush it, too.

next we chose clothes for him. I just wanted a shirt, but TJ insisted that he needed pants as well, or shorts. We tried shorts, but they didn't look right. We settled on jeans. I also insisted we get a shirt that said Hollywood on it. I drew the line at shoes.

We named him Mike Hollywood(this took awhile to come up with, too!!). Here I am filling out his info on the computer....

Then we paid for him and took him home!!!

But first we finished our day in LA with a drive through BH and an afternoon in Santa Monica. That will be in my next post.

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Sharon said...

HAHA! I would so take a picture of the Harry Potter cast too!