Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A day off???

Well, for the fist time ever in my working life, I get not only Thanksgiving(Home Depot Call Center had people come in on a voluntary basis), and the day after Thanksgiving off(I always had to request it), I also got the day before off!!! i love my school ditrict :)

Anyway, I have taken the extra day to catch up on some stuff. That stuff being laundry and dishes.

Since I have been working 9 hour days it is hard for me to keep up with laundry everyday like I used to so it usually builds up. Also, although I LOVE my dishwasher, I hate unloading it so it usually gets neglected and dishes pile up in the sink, like they were today. I took care of that, though. I also cleaned up the counters(which I have been doing a much better job of now that I have a pretty nice kitchen)so I can make cookies tonight.

I also wanted to clean the bathroom and the livingroom but I had some setbacks. First, I slept till like 9:00am(hey, it's a day off!!). Then I lounged in bed like 2hours reading and watching Henry Cho on Comedy Central. Then, when I decided to finally get my day started I got cramps!! I did mangae to start the launbdry. but I spent another hour in bed waiting for the Naproxen to kick in, watching THS on Tori spelling.

Then TJ and I went to town to cash a check, look around the Harley shop, go to Goodwill, get sugar cookie dough and pads at Dillons as well as a newspaper to get the sale bills for Friday(which we ended up getting in the Post paper!!), and then Taco Bell for lunch. Oh, and we also went to the library.

When we got home I ate my lunch and looked through the sale bills. Then I got the laundry back on track and worked on the dishes and the kitchen. Now I am having some computer time before I make the cookies :)

I will post another installment from my Cali Trip tomorrow about Thanksgiving and maybe one later about Knott's. I am also going to have a fun tagging one coming soon, once I figure out how to link to other blogs!!

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