Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting in the Spirit with Some Shopping

Some years it is very hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit. I can't even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving and even then I am really not into it until about a week before. Some years I am ready right after Thanksgiving.

And then there are years like this. I had the Christmas Spirit even before Halloween!! I have been looking at ornaments and decorations for weeks. I have been planning where the trees will go and what decorations I would like to buy.

As of today I already have my card shopping done. I buy cards for a selective few(parents on both sides, hubby, nephew)and to the rest I send boxed ones. I have all the cards bought. Not signed or anything, but bought!! I think I even have enough stamps.

I planned to stay home today and read and watch TV and clean some more and finally get that diningroom done. But around 11am my hubby came into the bedroom where I was contentedly reading in bed and announced he was bored and asked if I would like to do something. Since I was hungry I agreed. We decided on Manhattan.

First we had lunch at HuHot. Then we went to Gamestop where I found a couple Karoake games for the Playstation I would like so I put that on my Christmas list(TJ and I are each going to spend $100.00 on each other). The guy in there was super helpful and even recommended going to other places like Best Buy or Walmart to try to find the stuff I wanted a little cheaper(they did not have the bundle for the American Idol game and buying it plus the microphone separate cost like $20.00 more).Next we went to Hallmark where I finished my card shopping and TJ did his and I showed him and wrote down which Keepsake Ornaments I like.

Then we went to the bookstore and I showed him the calendar I want. Then we went to hot Topic and I found even more stuff!! He showed me what he would want(I already know what I am getting him and I think I have reached the $100.00 mark!!). Then we went to JCPenney's to look at curtains for our bedroom and then just look around and TJ found a faux leather jacket he liked. Since it was originally $60.00 and marked down 1/2 price I told him to go ahead and get it. I get his old leather(real) jacket now!!

After the mall we went to Best Buy and didn't buy anying but found out that in the same shopping center they are putting in a Bed, Bath and Beyond AND a PetCo!!

Next we went to Hobby Lobby and got a couple things for Thanksgiving(1/2 price) and some stuff to make Christmas ornaments and door hangers. Next it was Walmart where I got some Thanksgiving ribbon to decorate with and some thin holly garland that is supposed to be used on packages, but I am going to use it on my stair rails!!

The final stop was Target. I had meant to get a notebook at walmart for a holiday planner and forgot. i was trying to think of different things I could use and hoped Target would have something. Well, wouldn't you know, when I turned down the office aisle I saw the PERFECT thing!! It is a red binder with 3 divided areas inside with red lined paper. Absolutely what I had in mind. I was so happy. We also bought some stuff from the dollar bins and some Christmas window clings. We also looked at lights and need to check Walmart again to see who is cheaper.

While we were out we also got lots of ideas for presents for our families. So it was a somewhat productive afternoon :)

When I get the planner all decorated and personalized I'll show it to you :)

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Reyna said...

Thanks for the Christmas shopping inspirations..! I too did some Christmas shopping from WalMart.