Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Glimpse of My Day

Since this has been a pretty good one, I thought I would tell you about it :)

It is Saturday and the first day of a 3-day weekend for me(4 days for my husband). I slept in until 8am this morning and then spent about 3 hours watching One Tree Hill, BH 90210 and 2 movies on Hallmark Channel, simultaneously.

Then I dragged myself out of the house and into town. I deposited my afterschool job check at the bank and headed for the library. At the corner I saw that the Methodist church was having a Bazarr. I was turning into the library parking lot to park and my husband, who was at a Scout leadership training at the same church, was pulling out for a lunch break. I joined him and we went to KFC. Then he went with me to the library where I got 2 grown up books for a change(I like to read youth books during the school year)!! Then he went back to his training and I went to the Bazarr. I bought a small plate of homemade cookies and a raffle ticket for a beautiful yellow and white quilt with a wheat ring pattern.

Next I headed to Hallmark because today is their holiday open house and I knew they would have snacks and some deals. I didn't take advantage of any of the deals, but I did spend $20.00 there. I got some Christmas "doilies"(they are die cut holly and pointsettia shapes which I plan to use as coasters), cards for my mom, TJ's mom, and TJ, plus a hilarious sound card for myself which is cats singing carols and they get hairballs!! It is a hologram, too, so the cats move!! There was a little boy in the store who opened a Feliz Navidad sound card and was singing "Fuzzy Navidad" or "Feliz Fuzzydad" LOL!!

I made an unexpected stop at the DAV thrift store(dangerous territory)and got some great Christmas stuff for only $6.00!! I got a cute little basket, a cookie tray(vintagey looking), a holly painted plate, 2 sets of cards, fake pointsettias, and a placemat, plus 2 bags of bows. Some were smashed, but the ones I wanted, which had prints on them, weren't.

When I got home I started doing a little something I like to call Progressive Cleaning. Here's how it goes...

1. Got a load of white clothes going in the washing machine.
2. Emptied the bottom half of the dishwasher
3. Cleaned off the table in the diningroom
4. Cleaned out a corner in the livingroom
5. Got on the computer for a break
6. Took white clothes out of dryer and put lights in.
7. Emptied top half of dishwasher
8. Put away some other stuff sitting in diningroom
9. Cleaned off end table in livingroom
10. Hung up wet white clothes
11. Took another computer break
12. Collected dark clothes
13. Watched Scrapbook Memories while taking out winter clothes and putting away Fall/Spring clothes
14. Put light clothes in dryer and darks in machine.
15. Loaded dishwasher
16. (forgot diningroom) Cleaned under the end table in livingroom
17. Taking abother computer break to write this.

Next I will continue the cycle by....
1. Taking lights out of dryer and putting darks in.
2. Washing some dishes by hand
3. Putting away a box of stuff that is in the diningroom(1/2).
4. Cleaning up another end table in livingroom
5. Putting light clothes away
6. Computer break.
7. Putting towels and linens in washing machine
8. Take dark clothes out of dryer
9. Clean kitchen counters
10. Put away 2nd half of box in diningroom
11. Clean up loveseat in livingroom
12. Put dark clothes away.
13. Computer break.

I plan to continue the cycle throughout the evening adding in cleaning the bathroom and laundry room, putting stuff up in diningroom, and possibly working on my bedroom closet. I also plan to work on these things on Monday. Since tomorrow is the Sabbath, my plans are to put away Halloween decorations and put up some Thanksgiving, and work on some craft projects :) After going to church of course!!

What is everyone else doing this weekend?

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Jessica said...

Wow!! You could a lot accomplished! Good job! Plus, I started the day yesterday by watching a little One Tree Hill myself. I love that show! :)