Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going to EXTREMEs Here in Kansas

Well, this morning, Extreme Home Makeover rolled into Chapman, Kansas(about10-15 miles from here) to wake up a family and tell them they have been selected to get a new home!!

Here is what I know so far...
1. It is a military family. The dad was injured in iraq and is leaving the army soon, but they wanted to stay in Chapman.

2. Their home was destroyed in the tornado last June.

3. The show will also rebuild the Chapman Community Center.

I will try to get more details on the news tonight.

Tomorrow night TJ will find out if his motorcyle chapter will be doing any volunteering together. If so, I will be joining him. If not, i am going to try to sign up on a volunteer list from post, but there is no guarantee they will have a slot left. Our last resort is to try to see if we can go and see any of the progress that is being made and to be there when the family comes home so we can yell "MOVE THAT BUS" That would be totally awesome. You can be sure I will be in tears over that and when I watch it air.

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