Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Found a New Hobby

Well, today I got to do something new -- judge high school debates. There was an email put out in the district for volunteers to judge as it was at the high school and it was an invitational to other high schools so they desperately needed people. No experience necessary. Said we were qualified if we ever heard 2 students argue on why something was the other's fault!! So I signed up.

They gave us a sheet on guidelines for judging, which helped. However, I was a little nervous when for the first one I was doing I found out I was the only judge. Yikes!! The 2 teams were very good as well. Supposedly they were novices(since we were upstairs -- rumor was that was where the less experienced debaters were). It was a very tough decision to pick a winner and rate them.

The second debate -- not so much of a struggle. One team was clearly better.

They provided lunch for us, too, which was nice.

This was also the first time I really got to see what the high school looked like. I had only been there once before for district orientation and I was only in the main foyer and gym. This time I got to roam the halls. My it is a big school!!! And rather confusing. I hated my high school, but I must say, at least the rooms were easy to find and the layout was simple!! I wonder how much time these guys have between classes? I hope more than 5 minutes!! It's a nice school. though.

I am also wondering if they give letters for debate? Like in sports. Because these kids really have to prepare. They had multiple tubs of stuff. And they need to speak well. I hope they get letters. They deserve it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and hope to participate as a judge in more of these.


Jessica said...

We didn't have debate at my school, but I did a lot of things like forensics and academic team. We got patches for those, so I'm going to bet they do too. If not, they definitely deserve it. :)

Sharon said...

At least in my school district they did so I am willing to bet that most if not all do. I wasn't in debate, but Tammy's dad was.