Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Be Positive, Shall We?

Okay, so McCain did not win. Am I disappointed? A little. Am I upset? No. Do I think the country is going to fall apart? Absolutely not!!!

Yesterday was a very historic day and I am happy that I was a part of it. Sort of. I mean, I saw it happening, I didn't make it happen. I voted for McCain, remember?

I am hoping that Barack Obama can bring about the change we need. I hope, since he is a little lacking in experience, that he will choose people for his staff and cabinet that have some more experience and can help him. If this happens, I think he will do fine. He is a smart man and I believe he truly wants to do what is best for us. Some of his ideas may not be the greatest, BUT that is what he has advisors for. To help him make the ideas work. To show him where he may be wrong.

As I said in my post yesterday, I don't believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ. That is just ridiculous. I don't believe he is a terrorist because someone in his family allegedly supports terrorists(or because of his name). If we were all judged and defined by the actions of our families or the worst of our relatives we would all be up a creek without a paddle, if you know what I mean!!! He is not going to turn our country into a socialist republic(or whatever they call it)because he has certain ideas. Anything he does has to be approved by 2 houses and a Supreme Court!! Right? (I could be wrong. If I am, please tell me. Up until yesterday I did not even understand the electoral college, so I am a little ignorant when it comes to government. I never took Political Science in college).

What it all comes down to, basically, is that after January 20, 2009 we will be done with George Bush!!!! Now that is something I, personally, am THANKFUL for. That is the positive in all this!!

And if Obama does screw up I can say that I was not the one who put him in office!! Sometimes it pays to vote for the "loser" LOL!!!

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