Friday, November 28, 2008

Magical Morning Madness

Happy Black Friday!!! I have had a fabulous morning!!

I woke up at 3am and went up to the Shopette to get money from the ATM with TJ's card, because the strip on mine doesn't work. i brought the card back home to him and then set off for town!! I got to goody's and walmart and there were only 4 people waiting putside of Goody's so i went into walmart real quick for a Red Bull. There were people lined up insode for TV's or DVD or Blue Ray players. I went back and waited outside of Goody's for 10 minutes till thye opened at 4am. I found what I was looking for pretty quickly. I got $70.00 King Size flannel sheets for $15.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also got a plaid fleece throw blanket. And a white ceramic pearl necklace with a ceramic white rose. On the way to put stuff in my car I ran into one of our school's regular subs (and my favorite).

Next I headed to Walmart. More people were lining up inside for deals. You couldn't get the stuff until 5am so they were all over the store on these pallets(maps were available because things were in random places) covered with black plastic. I went ahead and did my regular shopping. I got some garland and ornaments to decorate TJ's bike with. I got baby and big brother presents and bags to put them in. I got big plastic candy canes to line my driveway :) I broke down and got the book Twilight(it was only $8.88!! Our Kindergarten sub was telling me about the plot and it sounded interesting even though I am not a vampire fan. I figured if I didn't like the book I could give it to my sister in law).

Then I went over and waited by the discount movie pallets for 5am. All these employees were stationed by them with box cutters so they could open them at 5am. I started my book and so far I like it. I still may give it to my sister in law when I am done. I got a few movies. I got Rocky Balboa($2.00!!) and Don't Mess with the Zohan($9.00) for TJ (I also wanted Spiderman 3 for $6.00, but could not find it -- I looked twice) and 3 Sandra Bullock movies -- Two Weeks Notice and Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, but I am going to give the Miss Congenialities to my sister in law instead(hope she is NOT reading this!!). Then I went and got a $9.00 vaccuum(works on hardwood floors!!) in light blue :) In the checkout line I got an US magazine (did you know Heidi and Spencer eloped?!?!?!?). While checking out the cashier discovered one of my baby items did not have a tag with a price or bar code. I told him to forget that one (I didn't want to hold up the line -- the guy behind me had big electronic something boxes so you knew he had already stood in line a couple hours!!). a supervisor came by and showed her and she said she would give it to me for $2.00!! I said okay. (I know it cost more, but couldn't remember just how much).

When I left Walmart it was SNOWING!!!!! Not just flurries either, BIG flakes!! this is the first snow of the season :) I was so excited. Even though I had to drive in it all the way to Manhattan.

In Manhattan I just went to the mall. I went to JC Penney first and got TJ Black Sabbath and Metallica t-shirts. I found a sale on curtains I would have bought, but the color I needed was gone :( I did get a free mini snowglobe with Mickey Mouse in it, though :)

After Penney's I headed down to Sears, but the door to the mall was not open(which was stupid because the store was open and so was the mall, just not all the shops. I turned back and went to Bath and Body Works(dangerous, I know). I bought some cranberry room spray(for the craft room)and lip gloss. I resisted some Mango Mandarin lotion so i could put it on my Christmas list for TJ. I have a lot on there so I will be surprised with what he decides to buy me from it!!

stopped at the Food Court for a Cinnamon twist and a Pepsi. They were the only place selling food that early(about 6:30am). Then I headed down to Dillards, but they were not open, so I went back to the food court to use the restroom. Then I went and sat outside of Hallmark where I discovered that the coupon I had for free tissue paper was not good until December 8th!!! And I could not use my $3.00 rewards coupon because I did not have my Gold Crown card(and TJ can't use it for the ornaments I want because it has my name on it!!). I did buy a cute snowman decoration for $5.00 and stickers for my christmas card enevelopes. Plus stuff to wrap a friend's baby gift.

Next I got a calendar for TJ at Waldenbooks and then went back to Sears where I got some white gloves for $3.00 and Spiderman 3 for TJ for $9.99 (it was either that or try the Manhattan Walmart for the $6.00 and I felt the extra $4.00 was worth not having to go there!!). I had to resist buying pajamas on sale because my mom already got me some from there and I don't know which ones.

Then I came home :) Now I need a nap before I work on TJ's bike and POSSIBLY put up Christmas lights(if it has stopped raining or sleeting).

Have a great day!!


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Anonymous said...

Hey, way to go girl! You had action filled day. I got tired just by reading of all the places you went and all the things you managed to find. I think I know who to call, if I want to go shopping. Lol.

Sharon said...

Wow! You got some great deals. I can't handle Black Friday shopping. Too many people. It was different there in KS because it's smaller towns so not as many people, but here, too many people. So I stayed home.

Jessica said...

Sounds like we hit the same places, except I did Office Depot and not Goody's. JC Penny was my first stop where I got the wonderful coat I mentioned. :) And I got a cute little snow globe too. However, I managed to break it as soon as I got him. I took it out to show my husband and bam, dropped it. It shattered. :(