Friday, November 28, 2008

My Favorites and Facts

Okay, my friend Sharon did this so, therefore, I must too. (and look, I know how to make her name a link now!!). She included pictures, but I don't feel like it. Okay, there may be one or 2.

Favorite Vacation -- That would have ot be the California Trip I have been blogging about. It was great to go back home and show my husband where I grew up. And to show him some fun things, too.

Favorite Color -- PINK!!!! I just love pink. I own a lot of pink clothing and i even have a pink bathroom!! Okay, that was not my doing, it was tiled pink when we got here :)

Favorite Treat -- well, anything chocolate. I love chocolate.

Favorite Fruit -- California Pluot. It's a cross between a plum and an apricot.

Little Known fact about me -- Um, well, I share everything on here so let's see. I was jaundiced when I was born and had pigeon feet. Or something like that. Both my feet went to same way. My mom had to work the left one to go left. She says she can still tell when I walk that it is a little off.

Traveling -- I love traveling. My goal is to visit all 50 states. Outside of the US I would like to visit Greece. It just looks so clean and beaautiful.

Where I grew up -- Whittier, California, hometown of President Nixon. Ye Friendly Town. It was founded by Quakers. I first lived in the northwest area of the city, but then we moved to East Whittier when I was 3 and my mom is still there.

Where I live now -- Fort Riley, KS, and I don't want to leave. because of my job. I actually want to settle here when our Army service is done until we are old. then we can go back to Florida.

Middle name -- Lynn

First Name -- Robyn

Biggest Pet Peeve -- people who play music so loud from their cars or homes that it is booming. If I want to listen to what you are listening to I will play it myself. I get enough booming living on a military base.

Favorite Animal -- well, my cat, Scout of course!!!

Past Love -- I have only been in love with a couple of people. TJ, of course, is the love of my life. My first love was Kevin , whom I met in high school. I have no idea what happened to him. The second guy I fell in love with was Schon. I still talk to him through email. We never lost touch. He is married with kids now. He broke up with me because he had a serious problem and did not want to subject me to it. Until TJ, I believe he was the one who loved me most because of that :) The 3rd is a guy whom I will not name. I should never have gotten involved with him, but I did and I truly did love him. I don't know where he is today. It doesn't matter because I have my TJ :)

My greatest wish -- I would like to have a baby :) And if I can't have one I would like to adopt. but not yet. I am fine with just me and TJ right now :)

Okay, that's it.


Anonymous said...

I think you really should visit Greece. It is abolutely stunning there. And the food... SO GOOD! But if you go, go in the summer time.

Jennifer P. said...

I think I've done this tag before--but i'll answer them just for you here ;):

Favorite vacation: the time I spent in Germany and western Europe. I learned SO much!

Favorite color: Orange. No green. No brown. (all of them :) )

Favorite treat: dark chocolate or pita chips

Favorite fruit: raspberries or a good, ripe orange

Little known fact about me: I am currently in love :). ssssssh!

Traveling: I MUST make it to England one day!

Where I grew up: Nampa, Idaho

Where I live now: Boise, Idaho (20 minutes from where I grew up!)

Middle name: Lee

First name: Jennifer (yup--that's my real name! I know, you're shocked!) :)

Pet Peeve: currently it's the term LOL--don't use it unless you REALLY are laughing out loud!!

Favorite animal: a cat. Or a monkey.

Past love: Well, my ex-husband of course. I don't regret a second of my 13 years with him and wished he hadn't made the choices he did that caused it to end. We'll see what the future holds!

Greatest Wish: To see my kids love the Lord and love eachother. If they managed that--I don't think there'd be a happier woman in all the world!

Thanks for the tag :)!