Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Political Journey

I voted today. I was fortunate to have to wait in line only 10 minutes. I have heard of people waiting up to 5 hours. I would have waited that long if need be. It is worth it. You can't complain if you don't vote and you also can't make a difference.

I voted for McCain. I didn't not vote for Obama because I believed he was the antichrist, or a Muslim, or a terrorist, or because he does not put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem or any other ridiculous reason. I simply did not vote for him because I believe he needs a little more experience. I think that if he loses and decides to run again in the future I would consider him again. If he wins and does a good job I would consider voting for him next time as well.

So I voted for McCain because he has more experience and he has been in the military. As an Army wife, that is somehing that is important to me. I believe that he understands the US Military and that is a priority in my life and a key consideration in voting. Especially since we are in the middle of a war.

I almost voted for Obama. I had been leaning towards McCain and then I was questioning my choice. Two people influenced this. A 4th grader and Colin Powell. The fourth grader made the comment that Obama was against the war and McCain was for. I want nothing more than for our soldiers to come home so that made me think. Then Colin Powell put his support behind Obama. I respect Colin Powell and trust him as he is in the military and has been to war. I wish he had ran for president. Anyway, after much thinking and praying about the issues I leaned toward McCain again. And my fourth grader changed his mind after seeing a special on the candidates and now believes Obama has crazy ideas(LOL!! I don't agree). I took this as a sign that I was making the right decision :)

Anyway, if Obama does win I will not be terribly upset. I think he does have some good ideas and will make changes.

I hope everyone who was able to voted today, whether for McCain, Obama, Nader or whoever else was on the ballot!!


Kim said...

We had discussed this, so I am not too terribly shocked. ;) I told my dad though that if Obama wins, he is forbidden from having a stroke...

Robyn :) said...