Thursday, November 20, 2008

My week so far....

This has been a truly awesome weeks, made up of a lot of really great little things.

Okay, nothing really happened on Monday :)

Tuesday was quite interesting. My husband had the day off and as a favor to me, he stood around for about 3 1/2 hours taking pictures in Chapman of the Extreme Makeover House and videotaping when they moved the bus!! I thought he wanted to go for himself, too, but turns out he didn't and the only reason he went was because of me :) I promise I will post pictures soon.

Yesterday was staff support appreciation day in our district. As a Para I am part of the support staff. The superintendent gave all of us a pen and pencil set. our PTA had donuts and bagels for us. I also had something personal happen that really made my heart happy :)

Today the teachers provided lunch for the support staff and we had a nice lunchtime together at a decorated table, listening to Christmas songs while eating yummy food :) The 4th grade class I work in gave me a card :) I am truly blessed to be working in the school(and district) I am.

This evening TJ and I went to Walmart to get a few things and then to Family Buffet and Dillons for the Solo fruit filling so I can make Kolachky's next week. I think we go to the Family Buffet too much because when the owner(I think) saw me getting ice cream he was like "Oh hi!! How are you?" like he knew me :)

I saw 4 people this eveing (2 at Walmart, 2 at the Family Buffet) from school. That is what I love about working and living in(or next to LOL!!) a small town!!. I usually see someone I know when I go out. Sometimes several!!

The only drawbacks to this week are that it is FREEZING and our cable is out tonigt. I am hoping it is not because I am late with the bill!!(I'm only a couple weeks late and they usually put it on the next bill, but the last one was late, too, so maybe they did shut it off. You would think I would get a notice, though).
It has been freezing all week, but tonight is the worse. 30 degrees and dropping!! It's going down to 13!!! And the high tomorrow will be in the 30s. No snow, though. Phooey!!

The Junction City Blue Jay football team goes to the substae chhampionships tomorrow down in Derby. We will not be going because it is too cold, but we are hoping to go next Saturday afternoon to Topeka to Washburn to see them play in the championship game!! It is in the afternoon!!

I promise to have another blog on my Cali trip soon. Tonight I need to catch up on reading blogs.

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suzanne pena said...

what a lovely week! good for you!