Saturday, November 22, 2008

No TV, but Busy Busy Busy!!!

Today I got up at about 9:30am. With no TV to keep me in bed we were out the door to do some Christmas shopping at 10 am :)

Our first stop was for gas and sodas. Then we headed out to Manhattan. Since it has been FREEZING here, I thought I dressed appropriately....

However, it did warm up today(50 degrees!!) So I was shedding it all day long.

TJ looked cool, though....

Our next stop was Target. I wanted to check the price on their lights. Well, normally, Walmart's would have been a dollar cheaper, but for a sale today, Target's were cheaper by like 20 cents. We bought 2 boxes of 25 ceramic C9 lights. I also got some Disney Christmas wrapping paper, 3 $1.00 gift bags and a magazine.

Next we headed out to Wamego for lunch at Toto's Tacos (best enchiladas outside of California!!) and to get TJ's mom's present. After that we went down to the Emerald City Market for gourmet chocolate and also ended up getting some delicious cranberry relish(to go with my cranberry mold in the shape of a can) and pumpkin butter. Mmmmmmmm. We also found a little thrift store and I got a "vintage" Christmas decoration, a pepsi glass(for my collection), and a retro flower coffee cup to hold craft supplies(not sure what exactly, yet, but I am thinking tape runners). That all cost a whopping 89 cents.

After Wamego we headed back to Manhattan and I called TJ's mom to find out what size our nephew wears. I had a nice chat with her. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and I got some frosted glass ornaments to decorate, supplies to make Rudolph candy canes, some stickers(1/2 price), a square punch that was 1/2 price(that was a major score!!) and TJ found an angel for my mom. I get her one every year and told him to let me know of he saw anything nice and he found this gorgeous frosted glass one. We need to work very carefully to get that sent out to her. I have a box and lots of wrapping to put it in to keep it safe.

Next we went to Walmart where we got presents for TJ's dad and girlfriend, his big brother, his brother in law, his nephew and something else for his mom. I am making something for his sister in law and when his mom heard what it was she said she wanted one too so i bought the supplies for it, but I think I am going to make that one for Toni and the original one for his mom. We also got a gift box set, ribbon to put on our lawn flamingos and cat toys for Scout(for his present).

Next was the mall, where they are ready for Christmas...

We went to Game Stop first just to look and after we left and were walking this way...

I said to TJ that I hadn't seen anyone that day that I knew. I said usually it is in Junction City that I always see someone(usually a kid from school), but that one time I saw a bunch of people at the mall in one day I knew. TJ then points to this one family and says, "like those people?" Believe it or not, it was our bestest friends out here, the Poes!!!! Isn't that freaky?

After talking with them we went down to the bookstore and got our brother's present and TJ spotted a book set his mom would like so we decided to get it, but it will be for her and her daughter.

I am not saying what other presents we bought in case our family does read this blog. I will tell you after Christmas.

After the mall we went to the Salvation Army where I got some more cool Christmas stuff and then I went to Joann's while TJ went to the music store. I bought an extension cord and got my first sale bill for Black Friday!!! Then I walked down to the library and Tj met me there. I got this book I read when I was a kid called The Bird's Christmas Carol, that I have not been able to find since!! It's a sad story, though.

Finally we went home. But the fun did not end there as I made dinner AND finally finished the diningroom!!!!!! I will take pictures tomorrow.

I guess we should have more weekends without TV. Not.

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Kim said...

Girl, you are a good shopper!