Friday, November 21, 2008

ON TO VICTORY.....but no TV :(

This afternoon at school we lined Eisenhower road to cheer the Blue Jay Football team on to Victory as they left for Derby, Kansas for the Sub State Championships. They received a police escort(not sure how far that went) as well. It was super exciting. the game starts in 20 minutes. Unfortunately we will not be attending because the temperature is in 30s and it is about 2 hours away. We are hoping, though, and sending positive thoughts.

To update you from yesterday, our cable was shut off because our payment was late. They claim that they sent notices(we never received any) and called but I never received a phone call. So they are lying. I suspect the mailed notice went to our old address because the last bill went there. I don't know why the billing address did not get changed when we moved because if we are receiving cable here obviously we are living here!! If I had gotten a notice I would have borrowred money from my mom to pay it in time before my check came. TJ went ahead and paid it today, but they will not turn it back on until Monday, which I am pissed about. TJ would not fight them on it. It is fine for him because he has like 100 DVDs, but The SOUP is on tonight, the football recap will be on the news AND I like to watch 90210 on Saturday morning. Atr least I will not be tempted to stay home from church on Sunday to watch Moving Up. LOL!!!

Okay, gonna post some blogs with pictures now.

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