Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sickness Sucks

Well, it seems as if my cold is coming back. My nose is stuffy again (and I stopped using the nasal spray after 3 days so it is not that!!) and I took a 6 hour nap!!! I am also incredibly tired and was getting winded just climbing up and down the stairs in my house.

I am a little worried it may be flu, even though I had a flu shot.

I am also worried I may be getting Chicken Pox because I was most likely exposed to them and I have never had them. I have been monitoring myself for a fever. I haven't gone over 98, but I usually run 96. However, we have had the heat on kinda high so i think that makes me more warm than usual.

Fever is the first sign of chicken pox. It can also mean flu. If I have a fever no way am I going to work because who knows what I can infect those kids with!!

I have tomorrow off so hopefully I am feeling better so I can continue cleaning and maybe, just maybe, get that darn diningroom finished!!

Anyone want to play doctor and try to guess or offer advice as to what may be wrong with me?

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