Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things that made me happy today....

1. Getting a letter from one of my 4th graders for her assignment to write to someone why she was thankful for them.

2. Seeing the Christmas decorations at school brought up from the basement and distributed.

3. Seeing the decorated and lighted Christmas tree in the lobby at school.

4. Getting the cable turned back on.

5. Snacks all day at school for the Principal's birthday.

6. Making a fun food and coloring in the afterschool program.

7. Hearing 4th and 5th graders play African drums at our learning celebration.

8. Watching the 4th graders' presentation on writing for the learning celebration. Twice.

9. Showing the Schwann's man that my diningroom was finally put together!!

10. Getting a package and a card from my mom.

11. My cat greeting me when I came home.

What made you happy today?


Kim said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

What made me happy>
1. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise
2. Had lovely lunch at Ikea (my absolute favourite meatballs, potatoes and jam) mmm...
3. Had TWO cups of cappuccino (with hazzelnut of course)
4. Got to spend time with my german friend who surprised me by giving me a 70 x 100 photo (on canvas) he had taken of a turtle on the beach
5. by reading your uplifting post, I love your blogs!

Jessica said...

Awww...how nice. I'm tagging you too. So, read my blog for details. :)