Monday, November 3, 2008

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

I like Girl Scout Cookies. I never know when they are selling them, though. In the past I have not known many Girl Scouts. I always wonder when they will be selling cookies and then one day they are outside the grocery store and I am hoping I have cash on me to buy some!!

Well, last year, I bought a box (or 2) from one of the kids at school. I just happened to notice she had an order form. So that saved me from buying them outside the grocery store.

This year is a whole different story. It is only November, the cookies come in January and I have already committed to a box from 2 different kids!! The first was the same one from last year. She asked me as well as all the other afterschool leaders. I ordered a box. Then, another kid in the program, returning from her meeting, asked me to buy some. She didn't even have her form yet because her mom had to sign for it still!! I told her to give it to me tomorrow.

It's not going to end there. I have another kiddo in afterschool who was at the meeting today and I know she will ask me and I won't refuse her because, well, I can't refuse this kid anything(seriously, she is such a sweetie!!)and I bought from 2 others. Then there's my best friend's daughter(whom I already planned to buy from this year now that she is a Brownie!! I thought she would be the only one I would buy from!!).

Then there's another kid in one of my classes who may try and ask. Who knows who else is a Girl Scout just waiting for the sucker(that would be me) who can't say no to anyone because she likes Girl Scout Cookies and wants to be fair to everyone!!

My limit is $20.00

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS Daisies don't sell cookies because then I would just go broke.

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