Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 more days to go!!

Are you ready for Christmas??? I am!!

I made it to church today!!! All of it!! Well, I kind of had to stay since TJ and I were substituting in primary and had to teach a lesson. It went pretty well and then the young men and women put on a little Nativity play for us and that was nice and then the primary made mobiles.

It was below zero this morning.

This afternoon we had our little party. The Poes came and it was nice visiting with them. That was it. I don't think I gave enough notice or personal invites(oops). But we still had a nice relaxing time and we have lots of food so I don't have to cook this week AND we have lots of goodies so we will be delivering some stuff :) Right now I am just relaxing and waiting for my mom to call with news that Santa has arrived in his sleigh on the flatbed truck!!

Tomorrow we are going to Wichita to get our Christmas Build-A-Bear. No work for 2 weeks!!

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