Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas Blues

Well, not so much blues as disappointment and it's not because of Christmas, it's because I am sick again. Blah!!! Also, TJ has had back to back funerals -- double blah!!

I was coughing again pretty good yesterday and was stuffy. I stayed in bed, though, and my favorite Christmas movie was on a again(The Christmas Gift) so I was fairly happy, plus my cat was keeping me company. TJ had a funeral near Wichita so he was gone all day. I was kinda disappointed that I could not do after Christmas shopping, but I really don't have anything specific in mind to get so that's a good thing. I did miss being out in the WARM weather, though. 60 degrees!!

Unfortunately, last night, I ended up with a fever of 100 and things went downhill from there. I had chills too. Then it was storming last night -- not SNOW storms -- thunder and lightning storms!! So I had some trouble sleeping, Then the fever broke and I was sweating. TJ left at 4 this morning for a funeral 5 hours away!! I just slept all day till like 2:30pm. I had originally planned to go to Topeka today while TJ was gone, but knew I wouldn't feel up to it. Plus, I knew it was supposed to snow. I thought about going on Monday while he is gone, but I don't think it is very fair to him, so we are going to try to go on Tuesday if he does not have a funeral. I would like to go to the scrapbook store and Michaels. I would like to eat at a Sushi place(gotta find it) or Olive Garden.

I watched the scrapbooking show on PBS today and now I want to work on some projects REALLY BAD. The only problem is that my craft room is a mess!! The table is still in the diningroom for one. There is stuff all over the floor!! I need to put my Christmas projects away for next year. Maybe if I have more energy tomorrow I will do all that. And get some Valentines stuff out for projects!! I would like to make cards for my kindergarteners this year. I also need to get working on last years scrapbook(well, I guess it is still this year). For 2009 I am doing something different and easier.

For some good news --- it looks like Scout is responsible enough to go outside by himself!! I let him be out there before because it was snowing and I knew he wouldn't go far. When he wanted to come in he scratched at the door. Then, later, we let him out again, even though the snow stopped and he stayed close and cried when he wanted to come in. So it looks like I may be letting him out more(as long as I am in hearing range to let him back in!!) He also posted a new blog the other day here.

Well, I am going to continue reading blogs and work on a lesson for Primary tomorrow. And get some more rest so I can actually start getting some stuff done!!

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