Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back from the City

I had a very nice time in the city today :) That is what I call Topeka -- the City. Junction City is Town. Kansas City is The BIG City. That's how it is out here in the boonies.

Anyway, I started out by stopping at sonic for a Sunrise Surprise and McD's for a cheeseburger. Then I made the hour drive to Topeka. first stop was Barnes and Noble. I found a couple books in the bargain section that looked interesting so I went and sat in a big comfy chair to read the first chapter of each(thus eliminating one of them). Gosh, I miss that!! When I lived in Santa Ana I started going to the B&N across the freeway regularly just to read. When I moved back home they built one not too far away in Fullerton and I would go there all the time. I especially loved going on Sunday mornings (sometimes I'd go to church first) and getting a coffee drink and then just reading for a couple of hours. obviously this was before I became a Mormon. I continued in Florida until I joined the LDS church. But I wuld spend some evenings there reading, minus the coffee!! I was also in book groups at both places. Sadly, the closest B&N we have here is in Topeka. We do have a hastings, though, in Manhattan and they have comfy seats and a cafe so I could go there, but then I'd have to bring my hubby and he can't just sit and read.

Okay, back to shopping... I also bought 2 Christmas books on Clearance. Then I went to the mall. I got some stuff from Bath and Body works from their semi-annual sale including the Mango Mandarin lotion I have been wanting for only $5.00!!! I tried on pants at the Gap, but the one size was too big(20.I guess I am only an 18. I think I was getting it mixed up with 16) and another pair fit, but was too long. I also wandered into Game Stop to see if they had a used Singstar 80s. They didn't but I found something even better!!!! Not used, but I have to have it...... ABBA Singstar!!!! I almost bought it. It's $30.00, but it's ABBA!! Unfortunately, the service there was terrible. there was a guy at the counter, but I am not really sure he was being helped. There were 2 girls in there and one was doing something with boxes and i do not know what the other one was doing. I didn't even get a "we'll be with you in a moment" so with a heavy heart I put the Abba singstar back and walked out. I decided to ask for it for Valentine's day :)

Next up was Michaels. My intention was to get an ornament kit, but instead I got some Valentines stuff and papers. Then I went to Scrapbooks etc and got some more stuff. Then to Hobby Lobby where I finally found a "Happy Valentines Day" stamp(I could not find one at the previous 2 stores!!). Of course, they were having a sale so I got some stuff there!! I am especially happy about the long reaching ribbon hole punch for 1/2 price.

After that I headed over to Sonic for Happy Hour and then came home. Now TJ and I are going to head over to HuHot as it is military discount night and I am craving a little peanut sauce soaked Asian dinner!! I will also take hom on over to our Game Stop(so much better) and see if I can show him that ABBA Singstar I must have.

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